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Eventually, we’d like to get centralized dust collection with this setup.  However, current budget constraints relegate us to a smaller system.  But this one still works well, particularly when we couple it with a hepa filter in the shop vac.  Our setup consists of a Rigid shop vac (WD1851) coupled with an Oneida dust deputy kit with a 10 gallon steel drum.  This system is workable and is very portable, allowing us to connect to individual pieces of our equipment such as chop saw, table saw, and bandsaw, as well as the CNC.

The Shop Sabre 23 comes with a 4″ dust collection shoe, which attaches to the router mount.  We have a 10 foot 4″ hose attached to that and then we attached a 4″ to 2.5″ coupler on the other end.  We simply move the shop vac assembly into place and connect it to that (the shop vac has a 2.5″ hose).  This gives us portability and still gives us adequate dust collection for our small operation.

Our next project, as part of the ongoing setup of the CNC machine, is to craft a mount to hold the dust collecting hose out of the way on the machine.

Our small and portable dust collection system. It consists of a Rigid shop vac and an Oneida dust deputy kit with a 10 gallon collection drum.