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Jacking up one end to remove blocks and install wheels
Wheels are on and it's ready to roll off the pallet.
Off the pallet and ready to go

Today we worked our plan and easily removed the Shop Sabre and table from the pallet.  Here’s how we did it:

  1. We removed the holding brackets using an impact wrench.
  2. Using our floor jack, we jacked up the heavy end and removed the holding blocks with a saws-all.  Then we installed two of the casters.
  3. We lowered the heavy end and placed some blocks behind the wheels so they wouldn’t move when we raised the other end (even though the wheels have good brakes).  Can’t be too safety-conscious.
  4. We repeated the process on the other end, raising it, removing the blocks, and installing the wheels.
  5. For safety, we installed a rail on each side (just screwed down two 8-foot 2x4s).
  6. We installed our homemade ramp and gently rolled the table off the pallet.  We took it slowly and it handled easily.

Now it’s off the pallet and ready to go through the final preparations for use.  We also got the computer out and put it on a portable computer stand.

Next step to get ready is to finish installing two more circuits so that we can run the CNC, computer, and dust collection system in unison (on separate circuits).